Button label not displaying correct name

  1. last year

    I've changed 2 exts name in FreePBX and then I went into FOP2 admin interface and did a "Synchronize Label". I see the correct information in the admin interface but not in FOP2 itself. If i do a "fop2 reload" I see the correct name for less than a second in the FOP2 interface after the reload and then the old name will "come back".

    If a run "/usr/local/fop2/autoconfig-buttons.sh" from the command line, I see the correct names.


  2. I'd like to add that the names are OK in the "fop2buttons", "devices" and "users" MySQL tables.

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    I wanted to add that we are having this issue as well. autoconfig-buttons.sh shows the correct names, but they are not reflected in fop2 operator panel.

    We are using FreePBX distro with Asterisk 14 (SNG7-PBX-64bit-1712-2)

    *** Edit ***
    A reboot of the PBX seems to fixed the label issue - guess something isn't reloading in memory.

  4. There are other solution, that it doesn’t need reboot the sever?


  5. 10 months ago

    FreePBX13 + Asterisk 11 . Same issue

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