FOP2 Label Updates - Disabling?

  1. last year

    We run FOP2 on a FreePBX system.

    Within FreePBX, our extensions are simply labelled after their numbers eg "Phone 200".

    However within FOP2, we want to have them labelled after the actual operator eg "Joe Smith"

    If we type the names into the FOP2 Manager interface, they correctly update within FOP2, however as soon as we click the "Reload FOP" which appears at the top once changes have been made, it seems to revert back to the old names.

    Is there a way we can stop this updating happening? I dont want the user names within FreePBX itself, only in FOP2!

  2. any thoughts?

  3. agudino

    9 May 2018 Administrator

    Hello Aragorn,

    it seems that those agents are registered by Asterisk with those names, FOP2 will change their names as Asterisk name them.
    A quick and fast way to check that out si by executing : asterisk -rx "queue show"
    Which names they have in the output?

  4. Thats correct, they are named as "Phone 200" within asterisk. However i want to be able to change the names within FOP2 independently of what they are named within asterisk!

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