user page is not sync with admin page

  1. last year

    before I try install FOP2 on my system, I had some queues and extensions and ... . when I installed it and visited user page I saw all of them there. after that I added some new queues, trunks, extensions and etc. now when visit admin page I see all of them in buttons. in admin page everything is true but when I give for example queue buttons access to a user, that user sees queues but only queues that I had registered before installing FOP2. I mean users can see everything that I had registered before installing FOP2. so they can't see new queues, trunks and etc. I hade restated asterisk and fop2 services several times but nothing happened.
    at all it seems user page is not sync with admin page!
    FOP2 Manager version: 1.2.0
    FOP2 Version 2.31.18

    thanks for your help

  2. In the Admin, under "Actions", have you Reloaded FOP2 and Asterisk? I frankly don't know exactly what these do, but I have to refresh both sometimes to get changes to show in gui.

    In one case I think I actually had to restart FOP2 server, but don't remember what that was...

  3. yes, I have reloaded asterisk and fop2 services several times, in linux shell and in admin GUI
    but it didn't solve my problem

  4. I don't see any problem in your screenshots, but I would check "Groups", "Templates" and "Users" very carefully. There are lots of rights & group settings that could cause this.

    Users = extrensions, queues, etc. Groups are sets of Users.. By default there are "All Extensions", "All Buttons" etc. Groups. Templates assign Groups to Users to make management easier... at least, that's the way I comprehend it.

    For example... are the new extensions/queues showing up in the "All Buttons" group?
    What is set as the default Template?

  5. hello and thanks for your reply
    as you can see in attached files, in admin page I have some queues with numbers from range 2000 (2000, 2001, 2002) and I have made a template named "all access" that allows users to have access to all buttons and with all permissions. I set this template for example for user number 200. but when I open 200's user page I can't see any of those queues with number 2000 in the users page.

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