Can Queues list be ordered?

  1. last year

    I originally created 2 queues, which were listed in numeric order in FOP2. Now I've added 3 more queues, and they are listed above the 2 original queues, even though they have higher extension numbers.

    The list is in no discernible order - not numeric, nor chronological in order of creation.

    Is there a way to sort, or manually order, the list of queues?

    Can anyone tell me how the ordering is done... I could hack a bit if I knew where to look...

  2. Edited last year by mikem

    Answering my own question...

    YES, members of any group can be ordered! Do it in the Admin interface by just dragging & dropping to order the list; then Reload Fop2, reload the user GUI, et voila!

    Do the ordering on the "Buttons" tab; it works for extensions, queues, ring groups, etc. There's no visual grab handle; just click anywhere outside of an entry field & drag...

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