I noticed in the newest version of FOP2 that the
ShowLines has been moved out of the js/presence.js file and is moved to the manager gui

Is there ANY way to add this into the button config file? we are running a vanilla asterisk and need to figure a way manipulate this on a Context by Context basis

example wants to have 1 showLines
whereas wants to have 3 showLines



  • Hi,

    The best option is to use the FOP2 Manager to configure settings for each tenant. If you do not run a supported multi tenant backend, you will have to modify functions-custom.php and configure the proper functions.

    function "custom_populate_context" must populate an index based array with your fop2 contexts, supose you have "tenant1" and "tenant2" you should make that function return just that:

    function custom_populate_contexts_from_tenants() {
    return $panelcontexts;

    With that, if you log into the FOP2 manager you will have the option to chose between the two and set Settings for each distinctively.

    Best regards,

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