Phantom Active Calls Crashes Server

  1. last year

    We are seeing a situation where when we look at the number of active calls on the dashboard of FreePBX it will show far more calls than what is actually in use. Eventually the server will stop accepting calls and we are unable to place outbound calls. This has happened several times over the last couple months. We have had this problem on two separate hardware platforms. What we see are periodic spikes in active calls and then eventually it will climb to over 100 active calls and the server hangs.

    We are running:
    Fop2 2.31.18

    I also noticed a situation where a couple users had placed themselves on pause for a break and when they came back they were unable to unpause their extensions. The only way we could clear that was to restart FOP2 by using "service fop2 restart". The last time we did that, about five minutes later, the server stopped accepting calls and users were no longer able to dial out.

    Other times we have noticed that phantom calls will get stuck in the queue and users are not able to pick up the call and it will continue to accumulate time on the timer well past our cutoff of 10 minutes where normally it would route the call to voicemail.

    Any suggestions as to what might be going on or where to look?

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