Shows all queues, but only alert on queues agent is member

Sometimes agents in 1 queue get calls that need to be sent to a different queue. With extension & ring groups transferring that call is easy in FOP2. They just highlight and transfer. With queues that doesn't seem so simple because you have to decide if you show the queue or not.

Lets say we have an agent who is a member of QUEUE1. They answer a call and find out that caller should have went to QUEUE2. This agent isn't a member of QUEUE2. Their FOP2 login doesn't show them QUEUE2. Why not? Well, mostly because the notifications for queue activity (chimes, flashing, text-to-speech, etc) trigger for ALL queues the agent has visible in FOP2, even if they aren't currently a member of that queue. Creating restrictions in FOP2 manager handles any permissions issue that we might have so we can restrict if the user can pickup the call, pause agents, etc. But getting constant aural and visual notifications for queues you aren't a member of can become very distracting and annoying.

Is there any way to do this that I'm missing? What I think would be really nice would be something similar to ring groups but for queues. A second window that you can create that just provides the list of queue numbers. No agent list, callers in queue, etc. This way you could publish this to ALL users.
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