FreePBX Parking Lot Pro: Not showing all Lots in FOP2

  1. last year
    Edited last year by yahdie

    FreePBX setup initially with Default Parking Lot 70, with FOP2 (free), next I changed the Parking Lot to 801(Slots 802-9)
    Later, I installed FreePBX Parking Lot Pro and added Parking Lot 821(Slots 822-5)
    Finally, I upgraded to FOP2 (Basic).
    My issue is FOP2 Admin only shows me the Default Parking Lot 70 and Parking Lot 821
    Parking Lot 801does not show in Admin.
    I tried recreating the Default Parking Lot 70 to see if that would fix the problem but instead in Admin I see 2 x Lot 70 & Lot 821

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