Freepbx Conference Members Not Detected

Hi Nicolas.
New installation of FOP2, ver 2.31.20, installation is on Centos 7 using Freepbx, asterisk version 13.23.1
i used the 'automagic' installation method: wget -O - | bash

All seems working except that the conferences (I am using the Freepbx Conference module) do not show who is in the conference, and do not detect when the conference is over. The button shows 'in use' colour, but no members.

When everyone hangs up, the button stays lit. I have to restart fop2 to clear the 'in use' colour on the button.

Can you assist? Thanks in advance.


  • So, I noticed that there was a new version of FOP2, ver 2.31.21 that came out 17 December 2018. I have installed that and it seems to have fixed my issues.

    I haven't yet had a chance to give the system a full live workout, but it is now handling scenarios that were consistently breaking it on 2.31.20 - so I'm feeling optimistic.
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