Enable call history without enable everything else

Among all user rights, diial,hangup,meetme,pickup,record,spy,transfer,transferexternal,queuemanager,queueagent,phonebook,chat,preferences,hangupself,recordself,voicemailadmin,broadcast,sms,smsmanager

None of them enable the access to call history, I must put the right "all" to permit that, but I dont want to give access to all the feature since not all of them are supported by my PBX and I don't want them to spy or anything else.

Do you have any other rights that is not listed in fop2.cfg?

Or a method to set the right to "all" then disable certains like : user=299:1234:all,!spy


  • Any comment on that?
  • If you go into templates and then click on the Permissions drop down you will see callhistory as one of the options. Be aware that turning this on hammers your mysql database. We ended up turning it off because it beat up the server so much.
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