phone book issue on V 2.31.22

we have just installed new version (2.31.22) and facing problem with the calls originated from phone book, seems the call origination structure has a problem, see bellow debug:

IP:50168 <= <msg data="34|dial|MRABC<90123456789>|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />

-- PROCESS_FLASH_COMMAND origen 34 accion dial destino MRABC<90123456789> password xxxxxxx


validate password using key xxxxxxxxx

VALIDAR USUARIO 1000 OK con clave regular (IP:50168)

Validation ok, have all permissions for 0

It's blessed into class FOP2::Extension

++ GET SERVER for SIP/1000 = localhost

It's blessed into class FOP2::Extension -> Action: Originate -> Channel: SIP/1000 -> Exten: MRABC<90123456789> -> Context: from-internal -> Priority: 1 -> CallerID: 1000 <1000> -> Async: True <- Response: Error <- Message: Extension does not exist.

-- TIMER asterisk_ami_connect and async config check


  • Hi,

    Did you upgrade from previous version? It seems you have a mixed up version between fop2_server and fop2.js client files. A dial command from the client/browser will show like this:

    <msg data="34|dial|90123456789!TVJCQUM=|41c2f73d1642b78450f650459a281db9" />

    Try to clear up your browser cache.

    Best regards,
  • this server had major problem and we di fresh installation of freepbx 13 and restored the old database, fop2 also installed again and we found new installation is different version from old one, there might be issue with old data restored and conflict with new fop2 version
    kindly advise how to resolve
  • clearing cache does not help
  • when use the filter box, it shows like below:
    : MR ABC <0123456789>

    seems data parsing is wrong, right? looking forward to hearing from you
  • If you create a new entry in the phonebook and try to dial that entry, do you have that problem also ?
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