FOP2 with multiple contacts on PJSIP extension


I use Freepbx 14 latest Distro with PJSIP extensions. I authorize multiple contacts on each PJSIP extension so I can use a desktop SIP phone and a Softphone on my smartphone simultaneously

When I use the FOP2 for exemple CALL action or LISTEN action, it only rings on my iPhone, not on my desktop phone anymore.

Have you a solution for that ?



  • I've experienced the same issues. I hope Nicolas or someone from his team read this post and offer a solution.
  • The dial function does the same thing. It only rings one of the AORS for the extension, not all of them.
  • Hi you have some news about this issue ?

    I have a Freepbx Distro 14, asterisk 13.2 and when I click on call a extension on the fop panel, il rings only on one phone where as I have 3 endpoints connected to my PJSIP account (max contaxt value).

    Can you modify the command line that fop execute when I click on call an extension ? Instead of dial SIP it should be dial LOCAL, with that, all extensions ring.

    Thank you, it is a real problem in business environnement.

  • Hi,

    A possible solution would be to use the originatechannel setting (toggle advanced fields on the buttons section in the FOP2 Manager). You can use the Local pseudo channel there, so instead of dialing the device, it will dial an extension@context in your dialplan. Something like


    In the originate channel field will make any call origination or redirect to go through the dialplan, instead of using just a device.

    I am not sure if it will work in the case of PJSIP with multiple AORS, but it might worth a try.

    Best regards,

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