DNIS is cidname of extension


We have setup FOP2 on Mirtapbx. We have separate database and separate (mirtapbx) asterisk server. So this was working all nice and fine but recently we had to replace the Mirtapbx server to a new server. We reinstalled fop2 and all seemed good (config was on separate database server), but since then when using the dial feature from the operator panel, we get the internal caller ID displayed as the number dialed. Previously we used to see the dialed number on the phones but now it is just the internal extension name.

I can provide any info required, let me know if I'm missing any important details.

Would be great if we could get some support somehow or at least any info, since we have been trying to get in contact with Nicholas but with no success.

Looking forward to your input on this one!


  • The situation before we reinstalled the server was this:
    Agent logs in and uses the chrome fop2 plugin to dial numbers. The dialed number on the phone screen would be the number clicked on. Currently when the agent tries to dial out, he only sees his own extension dialing himself. It stays the same even after connecting.
  • Sounds like a PBX issue, not an FOP2 issue. What happens when you use a soft phone to dial without FOP2?
  • Just came back from a few days off. let me check what happens and post an update. Happy to see a response on this.
  • Hi,
    Try editing /usr/local/fop2/fop2.cfg and set


    Best regards,

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