Chrome Extension on FreePBX 14 not working

Hello, I installed the latest version of FOP2 today on FreePBX with a basic white label license. Admin GUI and user/extension logins work both on Chrome 76.0.3809.87 and Firefox and I can manage calls with any given user/extension.
Then I installed FOP2 Chrome extension. I used the same URL as when using for fop2 extensions, port 4445 and same extension:password but it doesn't connect (Unable to connect to server).
Checked admin GUI and disableWebSocket is disabled. I haven't run the scripts to synch DND and CF yet. I'm using CFS firewall and opened both 4445 and 5038 in addition to http and https ports for IP addresses that need to run FOP2 on their browsers. Other than that all and everything else is working fine. Please advise. Thank you, Joseph


  • Is FreePBX firewall or fail2ban running? What OS are you running chrome on?

    Also, if you are running FOP2 the only use I am aware of for the Chrome plugin is click-to-dial. Is that why you are installing it?
  • Just found out that the URL should be plain domain name or IP address without HTTPS:// and leading /fop2. Now it works for me.
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