Login with No Extension or Password

  1. 9 years ago

    Is there a way to make it so users only have to type in their Extension to login?
    Or maybe just have some sort of page that auto logs in as a guest (I understand you would lose functionality of dial, spy, etc) I have a client who we purchased the licensed version for and all they need it for is for view use only

  2. admin

    6 Jul 2010 Administrator

    You can pass the extension and password in the url, like:


    It is really easy to create a web page with an iframe if you want passing the values directly.

  3. Thanks this should work. I assume there is no way to log in as a "guest" then just for view only access?

  4. admin

    6 Jul 2010 Administrator

    You can create a user "guest" if you want, or any other text name. It will not match any extension on display, and because of that it won't show the action toolbar bottons.

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