Queue Displaying Non-Queue Members

  1. 8 years ago

    One of my Queues is displaying a number of non-Queue extensions when selected. I tried recreating the queue and modifying the agents in the queue, but it is still showing non-Queue extensions. It only happens in my large queue (55 static Agents). I have run in debug mode and FOP2 receives the correct information from the AMI, but still the display is wrong.

  2. admin

    31 Dec 2010 Administrator

    Hi Nate,

    The filter is on the client side and it is done by name, that means that if you have a queue with member "John Doe", and have 3 extensions "John Doe", "John John", "Big John", it will display the 3 of them even if the later two are non members. You are probably having that issue with your big queue.

    Best regards,

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