BUG: FOP2 Dynamic Agents with Same Name


Theres a bug in FOP2 for dynamic agents. If you have multiple dynamic agents with the same name(Display name/CID NAME) and one of them is added to a queue using ADDQUEUEMEMBER, all of them appear in that queue under FOP2. Only the one that was actually added is green but the others appear there shaded gray. The calls are routed fine, and asterisk knows who's actually logged into the queue, FOP2 is just displaying the information incorrectly.



  • Hi Nate,

    Are you referring to the queue member display or to the extension filter when you click on the queue button? The extension filter is dumb as it does not check the real queue membership but just filters based on name, so same name buttons will not be filtered.... even more so, if you have a queue member named "A", any extension with an A in the label will be shown and not filtered. The distinct queue members are displayed on the queue button itself. best regards,
  • I'm talking about when you click on a queue and the agents who are in the queue are supposed to be the only ones on the screen. Sounds like the extension filter based on your description. If you are aware of the issue how come nothing has been done? If I want to only view members of one queue at a time I should not have to also see anyone with a matching name. That doesn't make sense. Why would you implement such a flawed feature?
  • You might consider it a flawed feature, it is your choice to call it that way. It is true that the filtering logic is weak. But I would also call a flawed design to have same name button/agents. You can see your actual queue members in the queue button anyways, there is no need to filter the display.

    Why it was implemented that way? Because there are so many ways to define agents in asterisk, and they behave differently across asterisk versions, that it is next to impossible to have a 100% working filter on all possible scenarios, including the fop2 configuration alternatives you might have. What happens if you have filter groups, where there are buttons that are not shown on the extension list, but they *are* members of the queue? Some people will say the feature is bad implemented because it is still not showing a queue member? Probably. What happens if you use the membername for dynamic queue members, or when you use Agent channels?

    In any case, just do not click on the queue button to filter the extension list if you think the feature is flawed or do not like it at all.

    The feature is there for convenience, and it works surprisingly well for a lot of users. I am sorry that it is not useful for you.
  • Wouldn't it make sense to filter based on extension number not name? Obviously you can't have a duplicate extension in asterisk, so that would solve the problem regardless of asterisk version.
  • Unfortunately queue members are not always related to an extension number. So there is no way to filter based on that.

    You can have several type of queue members


    (where 1234 is the extension number)


    (where 1234 is NOT the extension number but some agent number)

    Local/1234@whatever with membername John Doe

    (where the 1234 part could be an extension number OR NOT)


    (where 1234 is also the extension number)


    (where 1234 IS NOT the extension number)

    SIP/1234 with member name Mary


    (where 1000 is not an extension number).

    And I can keep going enumerating posibilities...Believe me, if it were a direct path or straight way to relate them, I would have implemented that. As there is NO WAY, I hacked a quick filter based on name, that is not perfect at all, but works for many many people.

    Best regards,
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