White Screen?

We installed FOP2 on a new install of FreePBX distro 1.1818.210.62 last week and I have to say, I'm absolutely loving it! Install was a breeze, and the GUI is awesome. Thanks for a great product.

The problem that we're running into is that intermittently the page will stop working for a few minutes and only display a blank white screen. Refreshing the page shows the GUI for half a second, then it disappears and goes back to a blank page. This lasts for a few minutes, then it goes back to normal. As far as I can tell this is totally random, but I don't know if there's something going on in the background that I might not be aware of. We've got about a dozen people using FOP2 and as you can imagine, it's very annoying when it disappears like this.

Any thoughts on where to start with this? Are there logs somewhere that I might look at? Is this a known issue?



  • Hi,

    Its the first time someone reports that behavior. It would be nice to check if fop2_server is running when you see the blank screen, on the server command line you can type

    pgrep fop2

    if it returns a number, then it is indeed running. Also, what browser are you using? Does this happen with any browser?
  • I think almost everyone is using Firefox - whatever the most recent version is (16/17?).
    The service does not appear to stop, however when I restart ("service fop2 restart") it that seems to fix the issue for a while.

    I'll try watching for it in Chrome to see if it happens there too.
  • Just confirmed with the staff here - IE is seeing the same thing as well.
  • Finally caught it happening just now. It doesn't just get stuck at a white screen - it actually shows the FOP2 panel every 10 seconds exactly (watched it against a clock) for just a moment (maybe a quarter of a second).
  • If you add or remove an extension into asterisk and then apply changes in freepbx, fop2 will be refreshed, the screen will go white for a while until it loads the application and new button layout again.

    Are you adding/removing extensions or working on the freepbx gui all the time?
  • No, I don't even have the GUI open most of the time.

    I'm wondering if it might be a problem with using the latest version of the FOP2 manager from this website versus FreePBX's repo version?
  • I think I was I having the same issue, but not quite as bad as gspence. The browser window would go white for a few seconds every ten seconds or so.

    It started after I installed a firewall with a transparent proxy. Apparently, proxy servers are not always friendly to WebSocket connections. The solution for me was to disable websockets in /var/www/html/fop2/js/presence.js then reload the page.
  • I recently am experiencing the white screen via all browsers I try. This has been going on for a little while as I troubleshot the computer we are using as a display for our call center to view the call queues and etc... Our FreePBX asterisk is all up to date with no issues. Nothing has been added or changed since the original install last year. Anyone have a solution or reason for this to be occuring?

  • I have submitted 2 tickets to support with confirmation of receipt of my ticket, no one has responded... This issue is still occurring. One thing that has changed was that I ran the "Critical vulnerability update" as far as I can tell ever since we have been getting the FOP2 screen going white and going back to displaying as it should, then it will go white again until I have to eventually refresh the browser as it will stop restoring back to displaying normally. This is fairly important to our call center and is getting us to start to look into some other solution as no one is addressing my inquiry or support tickets for this issue.

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