My FOP2 page auto refresh and I get a blank screen

Hi All, I have a FOP2 installed and when it auto-refresh the page goes blank.


  • Hi,
    Not sure what you mean about the page auto refreshing? Is that when you reload fop2 after adding/removing extensions? What FOP2 version are you running?

  • I have the regular screen with all the extensions, groups, etc.
    That page is auto-refreshing itself, when it refresh I do have a blank screen, minutes later it shows again all the buttons.

  • Hi,
    The page should never reload itself, unless there is a config modification involving adding or removing extensions from the panel. That is the only time FOP2 sever will force clients to reconnect. Are you using the latest FOP2 version? Are you changing/adding/removing extensions/devices/queues from your system ?

  • Hi NIcolas,

    Yes, we are using the latest FOP2 version. And not, we are not adding/removing/changing anything in the system, it just reload the page with no apparent reason.

  • It should not, I cannot say why it does. You can open the javascript console in your browser, and look for messages there when you notice the screen goes blank. That might give an idea of what could be happening.

    There is a setting in /usr/local/fop2/fop2.cfg to set a client_timeout, that is the time FOP2 will kick sessions out for inactivity. If you have set that up, you can modify and set it to zero (but it is not really recommended, inactive clientes should be kicked out).

    Best regards,

  • What about if you are losing the network connection due to inactivity. Nat states on some routers can be very short.

    Nicolas: Is there keep alive traffic between the client and server?

    Do you notice the connection being more stable when your phones are active (i.e. events and state changes?

    Just a thought.

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    Thank you Mitch,
    I will check about the NAT.
    The connection seems to be OK all the time, we have around 500 extensions in the environment.

    Also I forgot to comment, we have 3 users having this same issue and they do not share the same switch/router.

  • @mitch said:

    Nicolas: Is there keep alive traffic between the client and server?

    There are two keepalives, one at the websocket level, and another at the application level. A failure in either of them will cause the FOP2 client page to refresh. Only way to confirm/troubleshoot is to look at the developer/javascript console when the disconnection/blank page happens.

  • That's a great idea :-)
    @floza If the issue is indeed related to NAT closing sockets you can check with the network manager... on some routers NAT state keep alive (the mapping in the router which keeps track of active sessions) can often be tuned per port / service... so something like RTP which has short sessions can have a short lifetime, while something with less frequent traffic can have a longer one. Some routers automatically shorten the lifetime depending on the number of active sessions which can impact services with less traffic.
    Hope that helps :-)

  • Thank you, I will escalate this with the Network team.

  • This has been happening since the latest security update was applied to FOP2. To be very specific, when anyone/everyone is logged in the browser refreshes constantly...approximately every 5 to 10 minutes. Eventually it will time out.

  • I am having same issue since latest security update, did you find any solution.Thanks

  • I have the same problem whit update to Version: 2.31.34.

    In Chrome and Edge, the panel reload and question about enter to queue...
    In firefox works fine... But i need fix in Chrome because i use firefox to another proxy connection....
    Any solution?

  • did you guys find any solution, maybe its best to revert back to version 2.31.33 and how can i do that if i want to revert to this version? Thanks

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