dial from FOP2 doe snot support calling to multiple pjsip AORS

If you use PJSIP for extensions and have more than one extension registered, only the first AOR listed in pjsip show aor XXX will be dialed.
FOP2 is likely using DIAL and it it needs updated. An example can be found in this bug report:


  • Using the FOP2 Manager, Buttons section, toggle advanced fields, you have one field named "Originate Channel". In case of multiple devices associated with your extension, you can modify the originate channel to be a Local one so it will use your dialplan and follow whatever rules you have there (even followme or similar). Example:

    Originate Channel: Local/1234@from-internal

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  • It would be good if using the local one (and thus using our existing dialplan) could be the default behaviour?

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