Can not login to FOP2 Panel after server restart

we are building a new small call-center based on FreePBX. I've been looking for convenient WebUI panel for it and FOP2 looks great for our needs - so we decided to give it a try (I have demo mode installed on my test server).
I can see following issue. I can normally login to both the Manager and Agent panels.
However, if I reboot FreePBX server, I can not login to the Agent panel (it says "Invalid credentials").
But if I log in to Manager panel first and choose to reload panel, I can then successfully login to Agent panel. Therefore, in case of server restart due to maintenance, power loss, etc. there is manual intervention needed to allow agents to work again.
I have looked through the forum but I haven't found a similar issue.
I'm using FOP2 version 2.31.27 on FreePBX (on stable distro 12.7.6-2002-2.sng7).
Any hint will be much appreciated.


  • No idea?

  • I found out through trial and error that after a server restart, you manually need to restart the FOP2 panel service via the FOP2 Panel Manager before FOP2 can be logged into. The URL is http://FreePBXIP/fop2/admin/ (change the FreePBXIP to your pbx IP address). There is a lightning bolt icon at the top, click it and click to restart the panel manager.

  • Yes, I came to the same conclusion and had to write a script to reload FOP2 server service after the system is booted up.
    But even if I consider this thing workarounded, it shouldn't be like this in the first place.

  • Hi,
    Problem might be related to FOP2 being started before mariadb/asterisk. I am attaching a quick and dirty modification to the init file that will wait for the asterisk process to be up. If you want to try it out, copy it over as /etc/rc.d/init.d/fop2 replacing the original one (note that I have to use extension .txt in order to attach the file, but the init itself has no extension, so rename the file or copy it over.

    Please try it out and if it fixes the issue let me know so I can updated it.. or perhaps in the next few days I will try to write a proper systemd unit file targeted for the FreePBX distro.

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    Hi Nicolas,
    I replaced /etc/rc.d/init.d/fop2 script with provided one on my test machine. It seems the issue was solved.
    Therefore, having a proper systemd script would be very nice :-)

  • Just to note that I've recently put a new FOP2 installation. Looks like the issue still exists and the same hack needs to be put into action. How about the systemd unit file?

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