Google Crome update not working FOP2

FOP2 Not Working after google chrome update. What should we do?


  • Use Opera Browser...

  • I am seeing this across multiple devices. Seems to be that Edge 98.0.1108.43 and Chrome 98.0.4758.82 have broken something preventing the web socket from connecting. Rolling back Chrome did not resolve it which is odd. I am seeing some devices where Firefox works and Brave works and others where no browser works at all. It is very bizarre and does not make any since but it for sure started happening when Chrome Updates. Looking at this currently on at least 30 workstations across half a dozen clients.

  • I have the same problem.

  • Hello,

    ​You might want to check your FOP2 installed version either via the FOP2 Manager dashboard or command line with the command: /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server -v

    ​If your version is lower than 2.31.28, you must upgrade to at least version 2.31.28 as latest browser updates deprecated support for TLS v1.0

    ​Version 2.31.28 was released a year and a half ago. If your license is older than a year, you must purchase the annual software maintenance ($20) from here:

    ​And once the license is upgrade you can upgrade FOP2 with the command:

    ​wget -O - | bash

    ​Best regards,

  • Thank you nicolas

  • Hola
    Actualmente tengo la version 2.31.05. La falla que tengo es presenta es no funciona la alerta cuando chrome se encuentra en 2do plano.
    Actualizando a la version 2.31.28 se solucionaría el problema de fop en chrome?

  • No se solucionará actualizando. Los navegadores por política/seguridad/motivos y razones están capando las posibilidades de interacción de aplicaciones sobre todo en segundo plano. Desactivan sonidos, desconectan websockets, etc.. Debería hacer un downgrade de navegador.

  • Hola
    Estuve realizando varias pruebas por el problema de la alerta en fop2. El navegador estando en una segunda pantalla no tiene problemas pero al quedar minimizado, segundo plano, queda inactivo.
    Pudieron ver alguna alternativa de soluciones a éste inconveniente? Gracias

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