Telegram Channel

We have created a Telegram channel to post updates and news about FOP2. You are invited to join!


  • there is nothing since Feb and no options to comment

  • Thank you for the information about the channel. Unfortunately, it is not very useful and is a one-way announcement with three announcements, only two of which are translated from Spanish. There is no support chat link and it does not replace the forum.
    Am I missing something?
    This would have been a lot simpler to use an existing technology like RSS and I would not have had to jump hoops to get the Telegram app to work on my personal mobile device. The desktop app itself does not work at all behind our office firewall, and I am not appreciative that I needed to link yet another chat or social media app to my personal phone.
    Please explain how I can obtain paid support for FOP2 and Asternic Call Center Stats.

  • Hi, we have a live chat on both of our sites and There are no bots there, you will talk directly to us, and we can schedule remote supports if needed directly there. Before engaging in paid support an initial contact /assesment is needed about the support required, as it might not need to be paid if its a matter of guiding/directing to documented features/knowledge base/faq, or also sometimes is not support related to our products we might not be able to fullfill.

    Best regards,

  • That is perfect!

  • Sorry again, but my fop2 dont take de license. The error is:
    /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --register --rp=http --code PdlEyHuQY5YSUt
    Serial code not available for registration! (ERROR)
    This happen on new installation.

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