Restore templates/permissions/groups/etc

Hi. I moved from freepbx 13 to 15 using the freepbx backup & restore module. I tried to follow an article on using pre/post hooks which did appear to back up the necessary files/folders for FOP2. However on restore FreePBX didn't do anything with them unfortunately. So I tried to copy the files out of the backups to the necessary folders but then realized that was going to be difficult as I wasn't 100% sure of permissions and how to create the executable.

So instead I tried downloading and installing FOP2 and register it. That went fine. Now I'm trying to get my old FOP2 Manager settings over to the new install. I tried to copy the folder/files over and just overwrite but that didn't work and led to all types of issues with the extension box going invisible (but still there) on the user portal side and users/buttons/etc disappearing from the admin side even though they existed (fyi, I had made sure that FOP2 was fully updated on my old system before migration as well).
The most important tedious configuration for me is the templates and permissions. If I could at least get those back then I can handle the rest if needed.

I still have access to the original system (VM) and the backed up files from /usr/local/fop2 & /var/www/html/fop2.


  • Hi,
    All configuration is stored in Mysql tables in the asterisk database. Tables are all named fop2xxxx , and there are many.
    If you have the old server available, I wrote a quick script to perform a FOP2 backup (including configuration tables) available at http://download./
    If you run such script it will write a /tmp/fop2backup.tgz file with all FOP2 files and a dump for mysql tables also with the name fop2.database.dump

    Here is just the mysqldump used in such script if you want to try it manually:

    mysqldump -u root -p asterisk fop2ButtonContext fop2GroupButton fop2PermGroup fop2UserContext fop2UserGroup fop2UserPlugin fop2UserTemplate fop2buttons fop2contexts fop2groups fop2managerUserContext fop2manageracl fop2managersecurelevel fop2managerusers fop2permissions fop2plugins fop2recordings fop2settings fop2setup fop2templates fop2users visual_phonebook >/tmp/fop2backup/fop2.database.dump
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