Show lines more than 5 doesn't seem to work.

Good morning to all.
I use the fop2 2.31.34 and I'm trying to show more than 5 lines per button(extension).
I have enabled the appropriate setting in the setting showlines and I cannot see more than 5 lines.
If I don't use the dynamic display I can see the lines as waiting for a call, but when the 6th calls hit the extension, the fop2 shows only five.
If I use dynamic display, it only shows until the 5th line.
Is there another setting that I have to enable for me to see more than 5 lines per extension - button.


  • Hello again. I purchased the basic version to unlock more than 15 buttons. But still the 6th line per button doesn't show. Is there a limitation to 5 lines ? Can I modify some file to see more than 5 lines per extension?
    This is very crucial for us.
    Thank you in advance for any information.

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