Fop2 Reload after update to 2.31.34

Good morning, yesterday I updated fop2 to the latest version and now the user panel asks him to access the queues every time...

Can I go back to the previous version somehow? How can I solve the incident?


  • Same, were you able to resolve it?

  • In Firefox it works perfectly but in my case it doesn't in edge and chrome. I had to make a backup of the database, restore a backup to leave it in version 2.31.32 and then recover the backup to have all the call history. I haven't been able to fix it any other way.

  • After many attempts, fop2 finally installed an older version. Monitoring to see if it's resolved on 2.31.32 for me.
    cd /usr/src/
     ls -lt
    tar zxvf fop2-2.31.32-centos-x86_64.tgz
    cd fop2
    sudo make install
    service fop2 restart
    service fop2 status

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