Export Phonebook and Import Contacts

We have migrated an in house FreePBX with FOP2 Manager - Version 1.0.7, to the cloud (using FreePBX backup/restore) and installed a new FOP2 instance (FOP2 Manager - Version 1.2.4).
I have tried searching for this but nearly everything I can find is about migrating the licenses. We just bought a new license as the old one was about 10 years old.
I have backed up the PhoneBook into a data.csv file but unsure how to import this into Contacts in the new FOP2 system. I tried adding a new contact and exporting it to see what might be different, and the new contact exports as a vcf document.
Do we need to convert the csv file to vcf?
Do we need to upgrade the old FOP2 and then export as vcf?
or how do we import this data?


  • Sorry
    Old FOP2 - FOP2 Server Status: OK - Version: 2.29.03
    New FOP2 - Panel Server Status: OK - Version: 2.31.36

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