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Good Day, We have migrated from an older OS and Slightly Older FOP2 to the Latest version on new OS.
We have everything working Except for being able to Actually Listen to and download a message.
The Messages all pop up into the Folder View
The Date, CallerID, Duration are all correct.
Even the custom Tooltip feature that Nicolas created for us populates on the screen. This tells me that the Operator Panel can read the msg0000.txt file (otherwise the tooltip would not populate). Leaving me to think that it is not a permissions issue.
Any help in what I may be overlooking would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi, you can open the javascript console in your browser, and look for any possible error or warning when you attempt to download/play, that will give me an idea of what could be wrong.

  • What do you see if you try to download the recording ?

  • It looks like there is a session variable not being set
    If I comment out the following Session Element checks in download.php
    if(!isset($_SESSION[MYAP]['vpath'])) { die("no way"); }
    and if i remove the vpath check in the following if statement
    if(!stristr($_SESSION[MYAP]['vfile'],$_SESSION[MYAP]['vpath']) && !stristr($_SESSION[MYAP]['vfile'],'/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/'))

    Then I can Play and download the Voicemail.

    I am unable to determine where this session variable is being set as it is not a configurable argument in any files in the following directories:

    Any assistance on how to get this variable vpath defined would be very helpful

  • Hi,

    once session is initiated in FOP2, it will make some ajax calls to set session variables to setvar.php, you can troubleshoot those using the developer console on your browser, network tab for xhr requests.

    Those session variables are there for security to not let malicious users attempt to retrieve other files from the system.

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