After 2.31.39 queueagent permission not working

As per title, I upgraded to 2.31.39 and have rebooted. After that users can no longer remove themselves from a queue.
No other changes were made to FreePBX. All affected users are still in the Dynamic Agents in the FreePBX queue. No other updates have been applied to FreePBX.
How to debug?


  • Regarding this issue:

    When a member is provided with the queuemanager permission, everything works fine. When clicking on the presence of any member in the extensions window you can add the member to a queue. Once added to a queue, clicking on the presence icon shows the context menu to remove a member from the queue.

    When a person gets given the queueagent permission, they can add themselves to a queue, however they can not remove themselves, as when they click on their own presence in the queue window, there is no context menu to do so.

  • I need to add, I am using FreePBX 15 with all the available updates applied. No other modifications or deviations from a standard install.
    Also to note, the context menu for removing an agent from a queue when clicking on the relevant button for that extension is also missing even when the user perfoming the action has the queuemanager permission. They can only remove the extension from the queue by clicking the extension as it appears in the queue itself.
    I suspect there is some reason the entire context menu is not showing as it's the same context menu regardless of the queuemanager or queueagent permission.

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