FOP Buttons Not Showing All Users

FOP2: 2.31.34
Asterisk: 16.30.0
We have a server with over 1600 extensions and not all are showing in the FOP panel. We see them in the /admin setup but when a user logs into FOP they only see a fraction. It is a fully licensed instance of FOP.
Is there a limit on how many buttons FOP can display? Could this be a resource issue?


  • Hi Chris,
    I think we looked at your system the other day via remote. It turns out you have a separate database server and FOP2 is configured to pull information from that separate server, where those new extensions are not populated. Please review your configuration, or move the freepbx config file so it checks your local database instead of the remote one.

  • Can you give me more specific guidance on this? What file specifically from where to where? Why wouldn't the file that is being used populate when we build things in FOP?

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