You do not have permissions to access this resource

I recently installed FOP2 on my issabel server, I installed the license all right, I can monitor the extensions, but when trying to access the recordings, or history, I get the message "You do not have permissions to access this resource". Already executed the command chown asterisk.asterisk / var / lib / php / session, checked the credentials of manager and mysql and are correct ... Any tips on what I can do beyond what has already been done?


  • Hi,
    Permission to php subapplications like call history, recordings or the contacts/visual phonebook rely on php sessions (and also on user permissions in FOP2). I do not think is a user permission problem, becuase if you lack the permission the menu option to access the resource should not appear. As for PHP sessions, did you try to log into the FOP2 Manager ? Does that work? It is another way to test for php session configuration.

    I am online at the live help if you want to chat, might be faster to troubleshoot via chat.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks for the answer, yes, I can access fop2manager without problems ... only the recordings and call history don't work! Even the recordings I make directly through FOP2 I can't access them ... I already checked permissions on the / var / spool / asterisk / monitor folder and they are correct ... I checked on mysql that the fop2recordings table has the correct records, but the problem persists ...

  • What permissions are configured for the user in the FOP2 Manager user section? stock permissions? did you create a custom permission as a template in the permissions section instead?

  • Good Morning! My manager configuration is as follows:
    secret = my password
    deny = /
    permit = /
    read = all
    write = all
    writetimeout = 1000
    eventfilter =! Event: RTCP *
    eventfilter =! Event: VarSet
    eventfilter =! Event: Cdr
    eventfilter =! Event: DTMF
    eventfilter =! Event: AGIExec
    eventfilter =! Event: ExtensionStatus
    eventfilter =! Event: ChannelUpdate
    eventfilter =! Event: ChallengeSent
    eventfilter =! Event: SuccessfulAuth
    eventfilter =! Event: DeviceStateChange
    eventfilter =! Event: RequestBadFormat
    eventfilter =! Event: MusicOnHoldStart
    eventfilter =! Event: MusicOnHoldStop
    eventfilter =! Event: NewAccountCode
    eventfilter =! Event: DeviceStateChange
    eventfilter =! Event: HangupRequest
    eventfilter =! Event: SoftHangupRequest
    eventfilter =! Event: MusicOnHold
    eventfilter =! Event: LocalBridge

    Honestly, I no longer know what to test the result of fop2 - test has no flaws ...
    [root @ myserver] # / usr / local / fop2 / fop2_server --test
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Valid License (/usr/local/fop2/fop2.lic)
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Featureset: Basic
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Allowed Tenants: 5

    Connection to manager OK (010300)!

  • Hi,
    I did not formulate my question correctly, I ment the FOP2 user, not the AMI user.
    Try to catch me on the live help in one hour, I will get online for support then and it will be faster to review it via chat.

    Best regards,

  • Dear Nicolas, Good Afternoon!
    First, I would like to thank you for your help! After your corrections, I can see the call history and the recordings.
    It turns out, I found another incident, I can only see the recordings if I set the user's permission to "all" ... And yet, by choosing the "all" option the user will see ALL recordings and not only the from the group he belongs to! Ex: I created a user with extension 8104, in the permissions of that user put only the extension 8105 and permission to access recordings and call history. When I log in, I can't see the recordings of extension 8105! If I set the user permissions of 8104 to "all", then I can see the recordings correctly, but ALL recordings and not only the recordings of extension 8105!

  • I think you are using Permissions incorrectly.
    1) Do not create any permissions in the permissions TAB
    2) Edit user 8104 and instead of all, be sure it has callhistory permission set (is a stock, not custom permission). After the change reload FOP2
    3) Log with 8104 and check call history

    You should see call history for 8104 at that point.

    The Permissions tab is for limiting actions to specific targets, not all actions are 'targetable'... callhistory is a 'personal' permission, it is not targetable... the ones you can apply to others are hangup/spy/coach or queue actions.

    Best regards,

  • So, if I create a user, eg 8104 and in that user's template have a group with extensions 8104 and 8105, still, when logging in with user 8104 I can't see the records / recordings of extension 8105? Will I only be able to view extension 8104 records / recordings? Strange, therefore, if I put in the same template, besides the group with the extensions I put the permission all, I can see everything!

  • FOP2 will let you see your own recordings, and not others, unless you have "all" as permissions.

    Call history is different, it should show only your own call details and not others, no matter permissions

    Those applications won't follow group permissions, that will only apply to asterisk actions over calls (while these are not asterisk apps, but just small apps to check records on a database, external from asterisk).

    Both are small .php files that can be modified to your needs, if you are not happy with the SQL conditions, they can be altered. In any case, you should not rely on them for actual reporting, they are intended more at the 'user' level, to check the list of recent calls mostly.

    For actual/serious reporting consider using Asternic CDR reports ( Where you can limit access to any set of extensions, also group by different criteria (account code or user defined groups), etc.

    Best regards,

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    hi nicolas, my name bayyou. i have the same problem with call history. i have warn 'You do not have permissions to access this resource' what should i do? Thank you. ( solve )

  • Hi everyone! Can you share solution this problem? I have issabel with asrerisk 16 and FOP2 2.31.32. I can open fop2 admin and user tab. And i have warn 'You do not have permissions to access this resource' too..

  • I'm having the same problem.
    'You do not have permissions to access this resource'
    If somebody could help, it would be great.

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