fop2 1.2.0 extention problem with url address

After upgrade (automatically) of the extention fop2 1.2.0 , when any user with the fop2 extention installed try to click over a url with any numbers (4 digits) (example: , fop2 automatically treats this url as phone number and send that to my extention .

After to search about the problem i see a commun behaviuor in others user that report the same issue with this fop2 extention version.

Its posible to do roll back at the previous version ?
perhaps some particular subject with fop2 server version ?
i've FOP2 2.30.06 with backend engine freepbx and asterisk 13.21.1

thanks by your support and patience
best regards


  • I going to answer me myself , only cause i found the remedy and can be useful for newbies like me.

    Go to the Options of FOP2 Extention
    and add on Protocol Handler : tel:
    and Save

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