FOP2 Version 2.29.00 released!

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    24 Mar 2015 Administrator
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    I am happy to announce that version 2.29.00 final is out! As you can see, I have added minor revision support to the version numbering, with the hopes to release bug fixing updates more often.

    You can get it from the download page.

    Here is a general list of bug fixes and new features:

    • Fixes and updates for compatibility with Asterisk 12 and 13
    • PlayDTMF on server (pressing DTMF on FOP2 dialpad sends DTMF on bridged channel)
    • Non block on FOP2 config reload
    • Option to Pause queue members with a Reason via presence.js
    • FOP2Manager change on button label or group will reflect immediatly on FOP2 with no nead for reload
    • UserEvents for changing button labels, groups (FOP2CHANGEBUTTONLABEL, FOP2CHANGEBUTTONGROUP)
    • UserEvents for changing user secret and permissions (FOP2CHANGEUSERPASSWORD, FOP2CHANGEUSERPERMS)
    • Configurable headers for originate, both global in fop2.cfg and per button in buttons.cfg
    • Allow setting of auto answer on/off from client preferences using auto answer headers on buttons.cfg
    • Support for triggering reloads via UserEvents (because of Asterisk >11.8 bug)
    • Improvded plugin interface including persistent storage variables
    • Some visual updates to the User Interface (unified buttons, css3 spinner, etc)
    • Allow more symbols on password fields (exclamation, ampersand, equal sign, etc)
    • Start using minor version revisions 2.xx.xx
    • Caller ID Flip Flop effect (alternates between number and name)
    • User mysqli in all PHP sub applications (phonebook, recordings, cdr)
    • Several little bug fixes here and there (privacy monitor, meetme talking indicator, send data to unauth clients, etc).
    • Updated translations
    • Improved support for multi tenant on FOP2 Manager
    • Improved permission handling, allows Followme plugin to be limited to self unless followmanager permission is set
    • Support for PBXWare and Elastix 3 on FOP2 Manager
    • Add disableQueueFilter option to presence.js to disable the queue member filter when a queue button is selected
    • Allow conference buttons to have a dash in their conference name
    • Add mwi indicator for ring groups and queue buttons
    • Removes/Destroys non authenticated sockets after one minute
    • Updated desktop notification library to make it compatible with newer Chrome versions
  2. hi evrybody,
    i'm sorry to inform you that there is an error in the file fop2/html/lang/fr_FR.php on the line 62 there isn't the ";" at the end of the line so we have an error : " syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE"

  3. admin

    25 Mar 2015 Administrator

    Thanks, I will fix that small typo asap.

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