Lot of refresh on screen Fop

We are using Fop2 ( i've upgrade to 2.31.00 )

it's very nice and useful

We are using raspberry to display Fop screen on TV Screen
( 2 TV )

on one we have many times disconnection and refresh page
( 6 times hour or more )
on another one less disconnection
( 6 time in a day )

The process
Blank screen
One Momemt please
and it's back

i've in the url the exten and the password
so after refresh the screen is good

I've test with chromium and epiphany and have same trouble

maybe a network problem ?

If you any idea i can test

Many thanks for any help


  • Did you create a special manager user like described in the documentation (with eventfilter)? If not, please do so.


    That will reduce the possibility of network disconnections, that it seems is what you are suffering. If the network is congested or there is a socket error, the fop2 client will disconnect and refresh. You should not have that kind of problems normally, but if a network buffer gets full, a connection might eventually time out, causing that refresh.

  • Many thanks for your help

    Thanks i've change the user

    But i've refresh again - just now :)

    i've restart fop2 and reload asterisk

    i try with this configuration 2 days and make a report if i have less disconnection
    there is a log i can control to confirm network disconnections ?

    Best Regards

  • Yes, there are log entries in the server side, and also reported in the javascript console in the client(browser) side:

  • Maybe you are having page refresh issues like me? I haven't found the reason yet.

  • Many thanks for help
    I have less disconnections with fop2 user but i have

    So many thanks for log solution and info from kelmore

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