Wallboard Average talk time and average waiting time

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi on the Wallboard plug in I would like to get Average talk time and average waiting time.

    Average talk time:
    Currently I'm using this formula to get average talk time
    <span class='number'>{@formula value="{TALKTIME}/{COMPLETED}"/}</span><br/>
    which gives me talk time in seconds http://prntscr.com/dmre94 but I would like to display in this format HH:MM:SS

    Average waiting time:
    what should be the formula to be used?
    I tried this {@forumula value="{WAITTIME|hhmmss}/{COMPLETED}"/}
    and this {@forumula value="{WAITTIME|hhmmss}/{COMPLETED}"/}
    but no luck.

  2. admin

    23 Dec 2016 Administrator

    Try using filters, something like:

    {@filter type="hhmmss"}{@formula value="{TALKTIME}/{COMPLETED}"/}{/filter}

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