FOP2 Queues Empty after Reboot

  1. 2 years ago

    Good Afternoon!

    Yesterday I rebooted our phone system only to find no members in the Queues! They had to be manually added via clicking each name, this gets cumbersome as we have members in multiple queues.

    We are currently using FreePBX 12 + Asterisk 11 + the Latest FOP2 on FreePBX Distro 6 just FYI.

    2 Questions:

    Is there a way to load all the queues from a csv file on the command line, and is there a way to export all the queue's after we manually create them into a CSV, or would I need to create the CSV by hand?

    More Importantly, why did this happen and how can I stop it from happening? Creating the queue's via clicking isn't the end of the world if it only needs to be done once upon setup, but each reboot is no good.

    PS: We use Device and User mode. Our Queue's are empty in FreePBX, we build them strictly in FOP2 so that users can be removed/added in FOP2 via clicking.

  2. FOP2 adds members dynamically. You can add dynamic members by AddQueueMember() from dialplan directly or by 'astpbx*CLI> queue add member' in CLI. FOP2 uses the same method. After rebooting your VoIP server, asterisk will reset all dynamically added members. So, its not FOP2 deal.
    persistentmembers=yes in queues.conf can help, but if only asterisk will be rebooted.

    PS. sorry for English, I tried=)

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