Admin Panel / Credentials Issue
We are encountering what is described in this thread. We have attempted the suggestions from there but without desired results.

When we try and login to fop2 directly we get invalid credentials.
We can login to freepbx then login to fop2 and it wall allow connection.
Issue is admin panel has no data but operator users can still use and function with what was previously built.
Our Call history is also missing like in previous case.
We did verify that info in the manager_custom.conf matches what’s in the fop2.cfg file.

FreePBX - Version 15.0.16
FOP2 - Version 2.31.23
FOP2 Manager - Version 1.2.2


  • Please see -- if you can get to FOP2/admin when logged into FreePBX you have USE_BACKEND_AUTH = TRUE in /var/www/html/fop2/admin/config.php. You can also set admin UN/PW there.

    Also, Note that FreePBX 15 is still beta and there have been MANY changes, so FOP2 is not fully integrated. If you can't access the CDR from FOP2, try this:
    Problems is not credentials but that freepbx.conf file in /etc/ differs in format from the one in /etc/freepbx. You can do a quick fix by editing /var/www/html/fop2/config.php and replace (at the end of the file), the function parse_amportal_conf with this version:

    function parse_amportal_conf($filename) {

    $file = file($filename);
    if (is_array($file)) {
    foreach ($file as $line) {
    if (preg_match("/^\s*([^=]*)\s*=\s*[\"']?([\w\/\:\.\,\}\{\>\<\(\)\*\?\%!=\+\#@&;\\$-]*)[\"']?\s*([;].*)?/",$line,$matches)) {
    if(preg_match('/\$amp_conf/',$matches[1])) {
    $matches[1] = preg_replace('/\$amp_conf\[\'/','',$matches[1]);
    $matches[1] = trim($matches[1]);
    $matches[1] = substr($matches[1],0,-2);
    $matches[1] = trim($matches[1]);
    $conf[ $matches[1] ] = trim($matches[2]);
    } else {
    die("<h1>".sprintf("Missing or unreadable config file (%s)...cannot continue", $filename)."</h1>");
    return $conf;
    Nicolás Gudiño Jul 31, 22:07
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