FOP 2.25 Released

[h]FOP 2.25 Released[/h]

You can get it from the download page.

Here is the list of bug fixes / new features

Web UI / Client

* fop2_client: Add conference toolbar button
* fop2admin: Fix sort name/number in fop2admin and version number in module.xml/*:m
* fop2_client: Do not crash javascript if disableWebSockets is not defined
* fop2_client: Reenable javascript debug for every command
* fop2_client: Change effect queue for autocomplete so it works when notification is showing
* fop2_client: Fix notification image when using panel context
* fop2_client: Set focus to dial text on link, so we can type a number and hit enter for transfer
* fop2_client: Clear click delegator for custom toolbar and set tooltips
* fop2_client: Fix warning on close for chosen select presence in IE9
* fop2_client: Adds support for passing queuechannel via for hot desking call center setups
* fop2_client: Ensure that white label failed licenses do not show the fop2 brand but an agnostic message in the footer

Server / Scripts

* scripts: Add post recording script for Elastix 2.2 and probably FreePBX
* scripts: Updated fop2plugin to accect dashes on table and database names
* fop2_server: Improve fop2 reload/restart disconnection handling. Do not ask for exten/pass if already logged when disconnected. Do a location refresh if the server is restarted and the config has changed
* scripts: Remove check for soxmix in as it is already checked before and replaced with sox -m
* fop2_server: Add experimental drag transfers to fop2 server
* fop2_server: Add fop2context as variable to recording filename
* fop2_server: Change order in getting the active channel server on spy/whisper to avoid crash if undefined
* fop2_server: Simplify and fix destination channel to spy/whisper to, fixes user and device mode in freepbx
* php_scripts: More ereg to preg replaces
* php_scripts: Replace ereg to preg in php. Fix custombar javascript mods to operator.js
* php_scripts: Add full php tag to language files
* php_scripts: Accept master password in php client checkauth
* php_scripts: Add /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/fop2 as a valid download directory
* fop2admin: Remove closing div in fop2admin. Update to fop2admin 1.2.10
* fop2_server: Update the qchannel handling so a reload does not overwrite the setting received from the client
* fop2_server: Add manager_version and unpause extension button on queue remove
* fop2_server: Fix multi server spy/whisper and add extra debug lines
* fop2_server: Fix fop2astdb so it does not remove -session to allow peers with dashes
* scripts: Fix autoconfig buttons for freepbx without fop2admin adding context to the queue
* php_scripts: Fix setvar to allow setting context with no auth
* php_scripts: Fix context (set to uppercase) when checking auth from php
* fop2_server: Fix pickup active for user and device mode
* fop2_server: Initial support for confbridge Asterisk 10
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