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Is it possible to use the "app-queue-toggle" macro when adding or removing members from queue with FOP2 ?

It would be a great feature because this macro allows to use BLF buttons to log in/out from queue and to see if the user is logged or not in the queue (the blf button is blinking on the phone when logged in). I know that app-queue-toggle use device state, and that the user log in/out with this dialplan : *45ddd*qqq where ddd is the device number and qqq is the queue number.



  • hi,

    believe it or not, fop2 is freepbx agnostic. The add/remove works with freepbx or no freepbx. That is why I cannot use a freepbx macro to perform actions. What you *can* do is modify FOP2Callbacks.pm to track queue login and logout commands from the fop2 clients, and inject the proper manager events, for example a dial to Local/xxx@some-custom context where you replicate the key parts of the app-queue-toggle macro.

    This is technically possible right now, but it has to be done as a customization because fop2 runs in other environments (there is life beyond FreePBX).
  • I would also like to be able to fire off a command that would change the Device_state for tracking on BLF buttons, I have looked through the files you suggested but not sure what I should change to be able to accomplish this. I am running ABE version of Asterisk with no GUI interface, I know how to acomplish the task through the dialplan just not sure what to edit in fop2 to make it happen.

    Thanks in advance.
  • In FOP2Callbacks.pm look for the sub amiCommand, you might want to check for the "QUEUEMEMBERADDED" ami event, you can intercept the event there and fire extra ami commands via return values, check that the current file includes programmable events for queue leave and hangup events.

    You might need to run fop2_server in debug level 15 if you want to see the ami events sent/received and flash commands sent/received. That will help you understand how things work.

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  • Thanks so much for the help, I was able to see the debug information and write the appropriate code into the FOP2Callbacks.pm to set the device state I was needing to set.
  • Good to know! Remember to backup your custom FOP2Callbacks.pm file as it might get replaced if you upgrade FOP2 in the future.

    Best regards,
  • Excuse me for write in this old post. Please could you post FOP2Callbacks.pm example for use queue toggle macros?

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