Move Presence options into the language file


I think it would be nice to move the presence object from the file js/presence.js (copied below), into the specific language file, to have all the options translated on every language.
var presence = new Object();
presence['']               = '';
presence['Do not Disturb'] = '#FF8A8A';
presence['Out to lunch']   = '#57BCD9';
presence['Break']          = '#6094DB';
presence['Meeting']        = '#CDD11B';

Is there any problem on doing that by default?



  • Presence options were chosen for no particular reason. Some people might want to have different ones than the defaults, that is why they are in presence. Because some people might not want to have "Break" but prefer to have "Training" or whatever. As options can be dozens, having a translation for all posibilites made not much sense.

    You can translate in place and use whatever options you really need, that was the original idea.
  • Since 2.0.7 presence options can be translated on the .js language file
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