I may be missing something, but... where's the voicemail?

Not sure if I'm missing something, but I can't see where users can listen to their voicemails from within FOP2.

I see in the documentation mention of Voicemail Explorer, but I don't see anything on the panel.

I've made sure that my config points to the correct NFS share (it's mapped to /asteriskvm and in fop2.cfg I have "voicemail_path=/asteriskvm" uncommented. Directory structure is /asteriskvm/[exten]/INBOX/file.WAV/.wav/.gsm/.txt) for the voicemail directory on the Asterisk PBX, still no icon anywhere. I have licensed the Full White Label version.


  • Nicolas is THE MAN!

    Thanks for the help on this.

    For anyone else who has these issues in the future, I needed to fix the mailbox context in the buttons.cfg file


    I needed to move my NFS share up one directory (to the root of /var/spool/asterisk)
  • I am having this issue and I did change my share and it seems to make everything work a little better up one level. Thanks for that. As for the buttons.cfg. I dont see this file. Was it deprecated? When I look at the debug console for chrome it seems to be missing the default folder in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail.
    Where can I add the mailbox?

  • If I take the path from the debug console and add the default folder to it I can download the file

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