FOP 2.28 Released

[h]FOP2 Version 2.28 released![/h]

Version 2.28 is out, now bundled with the new FOP2 Manager to administer FOP2 Users, Permissions, Buttons, etc. This Manager works with popular backend engines like FreePBX or Thirdlane, or even with vanilla Asterisk installations with some minor tweaking.

You can get it from the download page.

Here is the list of bug fixes / new features

Web UI / Client

* fop2_manager: FOP2Manager released. Accessible via http://your.server/fop2/admin
* fop2_client: Improved Plugin interface
* fop2_client: Compatibility with IE8 and older browsers
* fop2_client: Do not destroy all php sessions on logout, only the FOP2 one
* fop2_client: Fixes play/pause correct icons on voicemail explorer after open/closing window
* fop2_client: Improved FOP2 buttons layout
* fop2_client: Fixed some translations in German, Polish
* fop2_client: Option to remove the "Other" option in FOP2 Presence (disablePresenceOther in presence.js)
* fop2_client: Put asteriskcdrdb.cdr as config value CDRDBTABLE in config.php
* fop2_client: Add set penalty feature to queue members, configured via presence.js
* fop2_client: Add double click on line1/line2 to select text quickly for copy&paste
* fop2_client: Add close websocket command in client so server really closes socket on log out

Server / Scripts

* fop2_server: Improved Plugins Interface
* fop2_server: Use SHA1 instead of SHA for Protocol/Websocket
* fop2_server: Do not send queries to undefined astman connections
* fop2_server: Added pre command handler for logoff to plugins
* fop2_server: Send plugin commands via AMI EV so we can parse the response
* fop2_server: Allow queue members with device interface "hint:something"
* fop2_server: Add get_btn_channel (based on extension) and get_btn_position (based on channel) to be used by plugins
* fop2_server: URI Escape http sms send
* fop2_server: Generate configs on hup when receiving a Reload from manager, not only a ChannelReload
* fop2_server : Improve getvar interface for plugins

scripts: Added and replacing the previous FreePBX based counterparts
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