Chrome extension 1.0.8 released

I have just released an updated Google Chrome extension for FOP2. Just a small bug fix release to add support for UTF8 button labels (so russian and other extended character languages work well).

Check the details in the Chrome Web Store



  • Hello
    The version 1.0.7 seems that doesn't work for me in 40 computers in my enterprise.
    Yesterday the version 1.0.6 worked fine and this morning with 1.0.7 doesn't.

    Things that doesn't work:
    Popup link, Clickable Numbers, Call Popup

  • Hi, my mistake. It works from FOP 2.29, but has a problem with 2.28. I have bumped the version number and fixed it for 2.28, please try to update to 1.0.8 and let me know how it goes.
  • Hi,

    How can I strip the #{CLIDNUM} variable?
    If it xxxxxxxxxx how can I pop up link like xx-xxxxxxxx ?
  • You can't change formatting of variables.
  • Is there any way that the Chrome extension could pull the Asterisk phone book as well as the extensions for speed dialing? I've been trying to find a way of sharing our Asterisk phone book with all our users / extensions and I just can't find anything that works. If the Asterisk phonebook was available under the phone extension list, and could use the same search that would be truly AMAZING!
  • Asterisk does not have a native phonebook as far as I know.?
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