Chrome extension 1.1.0 released

A new version is up on the Chrome Web Store

It has the following new features:

* Extension buttons work as speed dials:

You can click on any of them to quickly originate a call to their extension.

* Ability to define a notification content URL

Apart from the popup link you can define to open a new browser tab pointing to some web application you might have, now you can use a web application to get the actual content of the call notification, to show it directly inside the notification. For example, you can have an answering service and want to display the greeting speech for when a call comes in, then you can create a web service that will retrieve that information directly, and it will be presented right inside the call notification, with no need to open a new browser tab.

* Configurable protocol handler

Previous versions added the sip: protocol handler to click to call numbers on web pages, so if you have a soft phone that registers itself with that protocol handler, clicking on the number should make your phone call directly (without using the Asterisk/FOP2 callback method). It seems some users are installing soft phones that sets a protocol handler, but they do not want to use that soft phone to make the call, so now that handler is configurable via Options (by default its empty, with no handler).



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    It's still not working for me.
    Protocol handler field is empty and I'm getting no callback after clicking a number.
    Even selecting a number and right click->fop2 extension->dial xxxxx do nothing.

    What am I missing?

    בלובינט-IP מרכזיות
  • Perhaps permissions issues, your user probably does not have the dial permission, or is not visible in the fop2 button display.
  • It has "all" as full permissions.
    Isn't enough?
  • It would be nice, if the search field at the top, could be used for dialing as well.
  • Try to log to the fop2 web page (instead of using the extension). Then try to originate a call from there, does that work?
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    Well, I thought it's working (worked with ver 2.9)
    Now it appear that even from the web it's not working.
    Only local extensions can be dialed.

    As stated above it has "all" for permission.
  • So your problem is not the Chrome Extension, the problem is call origination within FOP2. There are a number of reasons that can affect call origination, and all of them are due to configuration, either in Asterisk config files or FOP2 config files. So, focus on call origination within the FOP2 web page, once you get that working, the Chrome extension will work.

    Please try this, go to the FOP2 Manager, edit the user you use to perform tests, remove all permissions that is has assigned and add only the "dial" permission. Then run this:

    /usr/local/fop2/ | grep XXX

    Where XXX is the extension of that user you just modified, look for the user=xxx,password,permissions line, verify that the permission string is indeed "dial" and nothing else.

    Then restart fop2:

    service fop2 restart

    Then log again to fop2 with that user and attempt a call origination, you can click a target extension and then click the dial action button... remember that you must have your phone/softphone ready and working... your phone should ring and when pickup it will dial the target extension. Let me know if doing that works
  • Done this.
    The extension has the dial permission but still only local extensions can be dialed using the dial action button or pressing other extension button.
  • So it fails when you try to dial outside numbers? Do you use any module that might affect outbound calling? Does your phone ring when you attempt such a call? or not at all? You can start FOP2 server in debug mode and capture output while you attempt to dial outside numbers via the dialbox.
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    looks like the problem is the context.

    Dial from fop2 has context:
    Has this context works for local numbers dialing to external number with the same context got response: <- Response: Error <- Message: Extension does not exist.

    Dialing external numbers use the context:

    Why external numbers use local context?
    fop2 ver 2.9 use the correct context for external numbers so dialing external numbers worked.
  • the context is defined in the buttons configuration, that can be handled either by manual config or via fop2 manager and its backend functions files that can be tweaked if they are not correct. I have no idea nor context about your setup so I cannot answer, just fix your button config definition and you will make it work. This issue is NOT RELATED to the chrome extension at all, it is just a misconfiguration of context in the buttons.
  • Changing the context fix the dialing.
    Which file I need to change the context so there will be no need to manually update each button?
  • Are you using the fop2 manager? What backend? I cannot answer without having this knowledge... most probably you have to modify a functions-xxxx.php file in the fop2 manager, but I cannot tell if you do not tell me your backend.
  • Can it be the Chrome extension strips the leading "+" sign, when dialing international numbers (e.g. +49 40 1234567) ? Also in conjunction with the Dial Prefix in the configuration. That makes it difficult to route the route in Asterisk.
  • Why it makes it difficult? + signs are not valid characters for phone dialing, if you need to add that you should do it in your routes, not ask people to dial it. The number matching algorithm strips punctuation, and it does it by design, as 99% of people dialplans will break if you dial + or ( or - or whatever. Numbers should be plain number, then you can use a prefix if you come from the old PBX days where dialplan pattern matching was not really an option.
  • When you activate "Clickable Numbers" then you can dial e.g. phone numbers from websites, which are often listed in international format e.g. "+49 40 123456" without the plus sign this could also be a local number in Hamburg, Germany. In Germany we don't use the NANP (with fixed lengths) but have dynamic length numbers.

    Since the Chrome Extension has no conversion rules, the only way is to do the filtering in Asterisk (e. g. "exten => _+ZXXX.,1,NoOp()").
  • Unfortunately that cannot be fixed. Punctuation is removed from any clickable number.
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