Queue window feature request: agent/extension status

We use many of the options available for displaying the status of extensions and users, but all the good data presented with these options only shows up in the extension buttons, not in the queue details. In the image below, the pointer is hovered over the clock icon to show Paused status, but if I do the same over the clock icon in the queue window, I don't get any information.

When there are many many extensions, it is hard to see the status of all of your agents at a glance since you may have to do lots of scrolling. The Queue window compresses all that information nicely already, so it'd be a good place to replicate this information.

It'd be great to show Paused/unPaused status or Paused status with Reason (for agent wrap-up), as well as the status of the agent (available, out to lunch, meeting, etc) just as the extension buttons have it.

Thanks for considering!


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback. I will see if I can add the pause reason tip for queue member icons on a future release. Any other information that is not advertised via AMI events won't be there (like fop2 presence states), as there is no real way to map consistently a queue member with an extension.

    I am also working on an extended wallboard plugin that will show a window with all agents and their status in a sort of consolidated table display.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks for adding this feature. Since its not possible to consistently map a queue member with an extension, I suppose it's impossible to show the caller Id of whom the queue member is talking to?

    This is extremely minor but I mention it only for consistency...Is it possible to add the pop-up text to the button, so it's consistent with the way the other pause icon pop-ups work in the extension buttons?
  • Try this:

    asterisk -rx " queue show"

    You will notice that is NOT displaying the callerid of the connected party. Queue buttons will mimic/show the information that asterisk informs, nothing else.

    About the popup text to the button, not sure what you mean? In a queue button, the members are paused, not the whole queue... ? I think I do not understand your request...

  • The new feature that was added recently to the queues panel shows a small popup with agent information (like calls and penalty) when you hover the mouse over the *name* of the queue member, but not the pause icon. Since the pause icon has the pop-up hover capability in the extension panel , I thought it might make sense to have it here too.

  • Ok, understand now. But it is unfortunately not that simple, as the member icon is a background image for the whole agent line (not a distinct element), so it cannot have a separate tooltip. I need to modify the whole agent display to have it that way. So it is a big change that will also might involve some plugin rewrites.

    Best regards,
  • Turns out it was not that complicated after all. I will made the tooltip change for the next release.
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