FOP2 Version 2.31 released!

Version 2.31 is out. Has several little improvements and bug fixes, mostly related to Asterisk 13 and real time multi tenant systems. It also has some new features and configuration options, to make it more versatile than before, these are just some of them (you can look at the complete list in the Changelog file on the tarball):

* Automatic synchronization for FreePBX labels
* listen_ip setting to limit the interface to bound the FOP2 service
* FORCE_UTF8 in the FOP2 Manager configuration if you have trouble with wide characters in MySQL
* Fixes on ODBC Voicemail related to field types
* Little changes on the visual aspect, new icons for context menus in FOP2
* Improved interface in the FOP2 Manager with a responsive layout
* Initial support for FreeSWITCH
* More resilient PHP version setup, system will try to establish session by itself
* PHP sub applications like recordings, call history, etc, will refresh content when opened
* Improved configuration plugin forms in the FOP2 Manager, with support for field types
* Several plugin improvements and bug fixes
* New Timer Alarm plugin
* Fixed pagination and search bugs in the Contacts application
* Fixes for multi tenant related to restricted permissions
* Updates and fixes on translations to french, hebrew and others
* Add greek translation to FOP2 Manager
* New auth plugin architecture that can be used to retrieve user passwords from custom backends
* New file based voicemail reindex to fix filenames with gaps in the numbering
* Fixed bug where chat windows were behind the footer visually

Hope you enjoy!

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