How to know the license number

I search for a way to know to license number of an active FOP2 but it dont seem to be any.

If you can tell me a command for fop2_server or fop2 CLI to show the license number or I can send to you my licence number so you can tell me the IP address attach to it.

Thank you.


  • There is no command to know the activation code. You have to store/keep it when you receive the activation email. If you do not remember your code you should contact us via the live help or open a ticket at sending information about your purchase, like the server MAC address, registration name used, email address, date of purchase, etc, so we can look for it.

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  • @nicolas if the license is already in use and tried to use on another machine, what is the expected behavior ?. it will be revoked from the 1st machine ? or 2nd machine system will display an error ?

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