Hi! I try to use tagQueueCalls. After installation I see blank grey rectangle and no more) But I install it from console. After finished call from queue in browser debug I get:
VM96:44 Uncaught ReferenceError: tag_saved_clid is not defined
    at Object.callback_agentcompletetagcall (eval at plugin (eval at <anonymous> (eval at <anonymous> (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:1))), <anonymous>:44:474)
    at docommand (eval at <anonymous> (eval at <anonymous> (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:1)), <anonymous>:1:85329)
    at appendData (eval at <anonymous> (eval at <anonymous> (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:1)), <anonymous>:1:84877)
    at WebSocket.ws.onmessage (eval at <anonymous> (eval at <anonymous> (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:1)), <anonymous>:1:82931)


  • I am having the same issue.
  • Be sure you have eventwhencalled=yes in your queue configuration.
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    I have this.
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    But in asterisk 13.8 there is no 'eventwhencalled' in example config.
    @ctiefel try to add 'eventwhencalled' in [general] section. It works only there. But it doesnt help me(
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    In log I get this
    Trying to send plugin (tagQueueCalls) to user 100 at context GENERAL
    Sending plugin tagQueueCalls to 100
    Sending style tagQueueCalls to 100    <= <msg data="1|pluginlang|en~tagQueueCalls|jb069187e4245b473" ></msg>-- PROCESS_FLASH_COMMAND origen 1 accion pluginlang destino en~tagQueueCalls password 2sdff6010c6024873
    Change language for plugin tagQueueCalls to en
    Language file found /usr/local/fop2/plugins/tagQueueCalls/lang/en.js    => { "btn": "0", "cmd": "setpluginlang", "data": "tagQueueCalls!bGFFnUXVldWVDsbHNDbGlkJ109J0NMSUQgJzsK", "slot": "0" }
    Executing AMI Event Handler in plugin tagQueueCalls for event AGENTCOMPLETE
    Executing AMI Event Handler in plugin tagQueueCalls for event USEREVENT
    Executing AMI Event Handler in plugin tagQueueCalls for event USEREVENT

    I cut strings like '187e4245b' in log to make it more shorter
  • @admin, please help us!) Im not the only one who cant get this work!)
  • Aterisk UPGRADE
    --- Functionality changes from Asterisk 11 to Asterisk 12

    * The configuration options eventwhencalled and eventmemberstatus have been
    removed. As a result, the AMI events QueueMemberStatus, AgentCalled,
    AgentConnect, AgentComplete, AgentDump, and AgentRingNoAnswer will always be
    sent. The "Variable" fields will also no longer exist on the Agent* events.
    These events can be filtered out from a connected AMI client using the
    eventfilter setting in manager.conf.
  • In fop2.cfg you must have notify_on_connect=1

    Best regards,
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    Now it works. May be you will add this to documentation?

    how can I set tag per one queue and disable per another? Or set different tags for queues?
  • Please help me set different tags for different queues, if its possible. Or disable tagging for one queue.
  • It is not possible to have different tags per queue. Maybe I can add that as an addition for a future release.

    Best regards,

  • Ok, I have updated the tagQueueCalls plugins and now you can set different tags per queue by creating sections in the Plugins config page. The section name should be the queue number/name. If the global section is left empty and you create a section for a particular queue, then you will have tags open for that particular queue and not the others, so you can control if you want tags disabled that way.

    Upgrade the plugin to 1.0.5 to have that enabled. Only issue is that with the upgrade your current tags might not be preserved.

    Best regards,
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    Thank you so much! Its really cool=)
  • Ok, we are having trouble with call tagging. Every now and then a user will be unable to tag their call they just completed. If they log out and then log back into FOP they have no issue going forward with tagging future calls. But this keeps happening to different people in the call center.

    I did go in and make sure: notify_on_connect=1 was in the fop2.cfg. Originally it was notify_on_connect = 1.

    Asterisk 13.9.1
    FOP2 Manager 1.1.6
    FOP2 2.31.08

    They are using Chrome for FOP.
  • I made an update of the plugin.. there was a repeated div id on the generated html.. that might end up giving odd results when filling html content dynamically. Try to upgrade , maybe, just maybe, it will help with this issue.

    Best regards,
  • Having an issue where the tag queue call plugin is updating the ENTERQUEUE time for call center stats 2. This is making avg wait time have negative values.
    Asterisk 13.38.2
    FOP2 2.31.30
    Tag Queue Calls 1.0.8
    Asternic Call Center Stats 2 2.2.4

    Best regards,

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