queue and pickup

When operator pickup a call from queue the call will not be recordered and tagQueueCals will not work for this call. I think, asternic call center stats will not show this call too. It looks like a direct call. Can I change this behavior?


  • No, you cannot.

    When you pickup a call from a queue, the call drops from the queue application, the queue log will mark the call as ABANDON (but FOP2 will also save a NOTABANDON to cancel that call out).

    A picked up call from a queue is NOT A QUEUE CALL ANY LONGER, so no functions/events/logs related to queues will work from then on.

    That is how asterisk works.

    So, my recommendation, if you depend on queue statistics and events, refrain from picking calls up from queues. Instead you could setup high priority queues and transfer calls to those, or you can play with agent penalties, etc.

    Best regards,
  • Thanks for you consultation
  • I have a question on this please. Where does the NOTABANDON show up? I haven't been able to find it in the database.

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