ru_RU translation

I'm a little added Russian localization file. In particular translated section of the call log, taking into account the context and checked the operation on version 2.31.
And again translated some variables that I have not found in GUI. Apparently they need in some paid plugins. I do not know how well I have them translated, because translation was made without context.


  • And here translation for "conference button" plugin
  • And translation for "Change password" plugin
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    I am sorry, but in topic start post i have attached a wrong file. Admin, please fix the first post.
    Here is the right file:
  • Thanks! I will review all files when I get back from abroad.
  • Main interface russin localisation full (fixed speech structures and added not translated previously variables )
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    Finalization of the localization of the previous post, is now, like, all translated to the end.
    Replace the following file
  • Thanks ,all updated.
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